Morocco is one the most advanced African countries in relation to ICT and FinTech on the African continent. It is amongst the top three countries in North Africa and the Middle East (outside the GCC) and Africa, in the e.GOV ranking in terms of services provided to the citizens and to the enterprises, Infrastructure DATACOM and Doing IT, according to UNESCO.

The fintech sector in Morocco is booming. The willingness of new industry players combined with mindful management by regulators allow the Moroccan fintech sector to offer to its customer wide range of services, particularly in the fields of payment, insurance, scoring, and soon crowdfunding.

The kingdom has always been one of the first countries in the region to adopt new technologies, the latest being the tests carried out for the deployment of 5G by the 3 operators of the country.

  • Moroccan government signed MAD 10 billion investment deal with Maroc Telecom as a part of the government’s “proactive investment policy” to rehabilitate and develop the country’s telecom infrastructure.
  • Maroc Telecom acquired Tigo Chad, Chad’s largest network operator, cementing their position as a growing company, the operator is now active in 100 countries.
  • Mobile data is on the way to become biggest telecom revenue.