La technologie

Morocco was the first North African country installing a 3G network.

Morocco is one the more advanced African countries in relation to ICT and FinTech. Back in June last year, Casablanca Finance City agreed with Frankfurt, the financial Mecca of Germany, to jointly develop the FinTech sector. In 2016, Casablanca Finance City had outstripped Johannesburg and Mauritius to become the leading financial center in Africa as it topped the continent’s ranking established by the Global Financial Centers Index, the North Africa Post reported then. Casablanca, located at the Atlantic coast is the business metropolis of the kingdom. Internet accessibility is the condition sine qua non for Africa to bank on disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain.

Morocco uses UAV for monitoring soil erosion in the country,

But the import of drones by private firms, individuals and the

sale of drones in the retail market is forbidden by law in Morocco.