Le Maroc alloue 7,88 milliards de MAD à la lutte contre les disparités territoriales

The ministry of agriculture’s objective is to connect remote areas, improve their infrastructure, and facilitate access to drinking water and electricity systems.

Rabat – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water, and Forests has allocated MAD 7.88 billion for the reduction of territorial and social disparities in the rural areas programme (PRDTS) for 2020.

Minister of agriculture Aziz Akhannouch made the announcement yesterday, October 31, in Rabat.

The minister presented his ministry’s budget for 2020 to the House of Representatives at a parliamentary session.

Around MAD 3.42 billion of the budget will go towards the fund for the development of rural and mountainous areas (FDRZM). The fund aims to connect remote areas, improve the infrastructure in rural areas, and ensure access to drinking water and electricity systems.

According to the minister, the budget for rural development has increased by 27% over the last two years.

Akhannouch also announced the launch of new projects under the international cooperation programme, with a budget of around MAD 200.2 million.

The Green Climate Fund will provide MAD 100 million of the budget. Belgium and Germany will also contribute as part of their international cooperation agreements with Morocco. Belgium will provide MAD 20.5 million, while Germany have allocated MAD 35 million. The rest of the budget comes from “other investors.”

Akhannouch also announced that the ministry plans to plant around 18,500 hectares of forest plantations. He also outlined other actions to promote forestry economics and social solidarity economy projects.

More than MAD 800 million for fisheries

The ministry allocated MAD 819.9 million for fisheries. About 38% of the budget, more than MAD 300 million, goes towards investment in this sector.

Akhannouch said that the investment budget will buy new safety equipment for fishing boats, strengthen the control of fishing activities, and acquiring a computer system.

Additionally, the budget will finance the construction of a professional fishing training center in Mohammedia, and a ministry delegation for fisheries in Boujdour.



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