China Trade Week exports Chinese overcapacity

7,500 visitors, 150 exhibitors… for the 3rd edition
Fireworks, professional lighting, traditional tea … The flagship products!


Meet the needs of Moroccan companies by presenting them with “made in China” investment opportunities. It is in this spirit that MIE Groups is organizing until this evening, December 18, the third edition of China Trade Week. A B to B fair organized in the wake of the Silk Road – reinstated by the Chinese president in 2013 – which highlights particularly innovative products but above all promising for the future in Morocco.

The event, with a significantly larger attendance than in previous versions, awaits a total of nearly 7,500 visitors including business leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and decision-makers. In front of them, 150 Chinese exhibitors representing the branches of agriculture, tea, new technologies, textiles and construction. Sectors whose choice was not fortuitous.

“Through country reports carried out within our Research department, our experts have matched the requirements of Moroccan investors with the opportunities offered by the Chinese market,” confides the project manager of the event Mélanie Bazin.

Also on the program are B2B Matching sessions as well as conferences held by quality speakers. The opportunity for local investors to discover a thousand and one products that are both interesting and strategic for their business. Among these in particular, several fireworks stands. “A flourishing business in the Middle Empire which is particularly popular with hotels and event agencies”, explains the manager.

Another flagship item, very practical solar inverters for recharging lamps and mobile phones at the attractive price of 2,500 DH. Many visitors were also seduced by autonomous professional lighting products, proving very useful on construction sites or in the medical environment. The event also gave pride of place to food, exposing among other dried mushrooms with multiple virtues for the skin or even organic Chinese tea.

An event organized above all to boost trade relations between China and Morocco, by allowing Chinese companies to directly solicit markets on Moroccan territory. “It is not always possible to travel to the other end of the planet to do business. We offer them this opportunity, ”emphasizes Mélanie Bazin.

  It is also a way of changing the perception of the Chinese product, which is too often described as “cheap”. “Through this event, MIE Groups wishes to prove to consumers that the country knows how to produce quality while using its craftsmanship,” adds the project manager.

Organizer of this fair in Africa as well as in the Middle East, MIE Groups recently opened a branch in Morocco in Casablanca. Organizer of the CTW since its first edition in 2013, the group plans to launch several new fairs next June, including the African Food Show.


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