06 - 08 Dec 2018

Foire Internationale de Casablanca (AMDIE)

"China Trade Week Morocco" gets its first edition

The first "China Trade Week Morocco" held in Casablanca from 20 to 22 December was a great success, according to the organizers.

The event, which brought together more than one hundred Chinese companies and welcomed more than 3,000 visitors, set the stage for a new, high-level business meeting between Chinese, Moroccan and other operators from the rest of the region.

It is with the feeling of having made the right choice that the organizers of the show now include "China Trade Week Morocco" in the agenda of businessmen. This new Sino-Moroccan event offers and additional opportunity for exchanges and cooperation between the different professional actors of the two countries.

Organized by the Chinese group MIE Events, "China Trade Week Morocco aims to provide exhibitors, visitors and other investors with the opportunity to come together to develop business relationships and future partnerships," said Michelle Meyrick, International Events Director at MIE Events, during the first edition.

"Chinese investors in their entirely are those who were present in particular are optimistic about the potential of the Moroccan market. CTW is an opportunity to show tha China is able to provide high quality products to the Moroccan market and to sweep away the bad reputation suffered by the made in China," she added.

"CTW was inspired by Chinese President Xi Jinping's" One Belt, One Road "initiative to restore the ancient silk road to boost economic, political and cultural relations between the Asian, African and Asian continents. European. Morocco is one of the key hubs of this initiative, "said Sean Xiao, vice president of MIE Events.

It should be recalled that the visit of King Mohammed VI to China in 2016 ended with the signing of 15 conventions between major Chinese and Moroccan groups. "These partnerships will enhance trade with Morocco but also aim to develop China's presence throughout Africa," said President Xi Jinping. Indeed, being a hub to Africa, Morocco is an important regional base for Chinese companies wishing to prospect the African market across Morocco in a win-win logic.

China Trade Week has already been conducted in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia and Ghana. Morocco was the seventh country invested in this program.

Source: Menara.ma

Published: 01/08/18