16 - 18 Dec 2019

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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Morocco

The Spring Festival is right around the corner, and celebrations are already in the air. And it's not just here in China. Some people in Morocco took to the country's Chinese Cultural Center on Wednesday to feast on performances and Chinese culture.

Celebrations kicked off at Morocco's Chinese Cultural Center, which was established in December last year.

Wednesday's event drew many local Chinese culture enthusiasts to the center, where they could enjoy performances like Peking Opera, Chinese Puppet shows and learn Chinese calligraphy.

Visitors learn to paint makeup for Peking Opera. /CGTN Photo

"We would especially like to show to our Moroccan friends the profoundness of Chinese culture and see how it interacts with Moroccan culture,” said Li Li, Chinese ambassador to Morocco, “We hope this event will further enhance cooperation and communication of the two cultures, leading to better understanding of each other between people of the two countries. Today's event is very interesting. As an ambassador of China, I wish the event could be a great success."

Many visitors received some gifts from Chinese artists.

"This event is spectacular. I didn't expect Moroccan people to show such enthusiasm for Chinese calligraphy. We have many visitors today, and the event is full of excitement. I'm thrilled and happy to be part of it. They like to use their names as a new year's blessing to themselves. I'm very happy to do it for them. I keep writing their names all the time," said Zhang Guisheng, Chinese calligrapher.

A visitor learns to write calligraphical works with a Chinese brush. /CGTN Photo

Viewers also interacted with Chinese painters during the event.

"I made this mask with Chinese painters. They provided me with all the colors and materials to paint and decorate it as in the picture," said a local citizen.

Besides the celebrations at the Chinese Cultural Center, Morocco will also put on concerts, lion dances and carnivals in its cities to welcome the Chinese New Year.